Learn how Your Vote can make a difference

YourVote is a nonprofit, nonpartisan website that aims to inform US citizens about the work of their Congress. By examining the legislative issues in Congress in an accessible format, YourVote hopes to increase popular awareness.

The Problem

There is a troubling gap today between public opinion and representation: only 9% of Americans approve of the job their Congress is doing yet around 60% of registered voters typically vote in general elections and, most troubling of all, only 1% of US citizens have ever contacted their elected official. There is currently no place for citizens to both learn about important issues in an accessible format, and to act. Let's fix that.

The Solution

YourVote provides information and facilitates action. Expert writers summarize the opposing viewpoints of the legislation using simple language. The site then provides a way for the users to "vote," or send their position directly to their congressperson via email. Users can see how their votes match up with their representative's positions on the issues that matter most to them.